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Accounts Payable

FMC Acquires Significant Portion of DuPont Crop Protection Business
FMC Health and Nutrition Sold to DuPont

We are pleased to announce that on November 1, 2017, FMC Corporation closed its acquisition of a significant portion of DuPont’s global crop protection business.  Today marks the beginning of the new FMC Agricultural Solutions with a broader portfolio of leading brands, a deeper pipeline of new technologies, greater global scale, and a world-class R&D organization.  To learn more, click here.

For Brazil Portuguese, click here. 
For French, click here
For Spanish, click here

We have included a list of DuPont locations that have transferred to FMC entities including invoice instructions and addresses by region. 

Click here to see the list for Asia Pacific Region
Click here to see the list for Europe, Middle East, Africa Region
Click here to see the list for Latin America Region
Click here to see the list for North America Region
Click here to see the list for DuPont Health and Nutrition 

DuPont Old to FMC New Legal Entity Table

Please refer to this
table to ensure you select the correct legal entity for system set-up. Any questions, please reach out to [email protected]   

FMC Ag Solutions Invoice Instructions

FMC Corporation established an invoice processing center in Manila, Philippines to handle accounts payable activities.   
Click here to see the list of FMC Ag Solutions Invoice and Customer Service emails addresses.

North America Lithium Division Suppliers 

FMC Corporation has changed the invoice email address for the North America Lithium division of the company (Bessemer City). Click here to read more about this change.

Verify an Order is Legitimate

FMC is aware of the increased incidents of fraudulent orders being placed for goods and services by parties illegally using the names of large, reputable companies. Please click here to review how you can verify the authenticity of an electronic order that appears to be requested by FMC. 

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