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1943 - Launch of chemical business

The beginning of the chemical business…

1943 FMC launches into the chemical business with the acquisition of Niagara Sprayer & Chemical Co.(insecticides and fungicides). On Nov. 20, the LVT got its first combat test at Tarawa in the Gilbert Islands.  

1948 The company changes its name to Food Machinery and Chemical Corporation after making the largest acquisition in the history of the company--Westvaco Chemical Corp. (chlorine and caustic soda used to produce organic insecticides and pesticides). Westvaco brings huge deposits of phosphorus (used in synthetic detergents) and trona (used to make glass and other products).

1951 The Intermountain Chemical Corp. is formed to operate FMC's trona properties.  

1953 The FMC Foundation is established to make contributions to educational, civic and cultural institutions. Trona production begins at Green River, Wyo.  

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